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 About Experimental Strain

Gifu B-129 was the first one to be established as an experimental strain, collected by Hirayoshi (Kyoto Univ.), named Gifu B-129 by Grant, and self-crossed 9 times by Stougaard. On the other hand, Kawaguchi has established the accession Miyakojima MG-20 by self-crossing 7 times, the collection from Miyakojima among the Southwest Islands of Japan. This accession is characterized by the short generation time. Moreover, Lotus burttii B-303 was established as third Lotus experimental strain, collected and named by Grant and self-crossed 9 times by Kawaguchi.

 Experimental Strains List
Accession No. Collector Developer Depositor Amount Order
L. burttii B-303 William F Grant Masayoshi Kawaguchi William F Grant / Masayoshi Kawaguchi 0.5 g
Miyakojima MG-20 Masayoshi Kawaguchi Masayoshi Kawaguchi Masayoshi Kawaguchi 1.0 g
Gifu B-129 Isao Hirayoshi Jens Stougaard William F Grant / Jens Stougaard 0.5 g
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