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 Experimental Strain Detail
Strain information detail
Accession No. Gifu B-129
Collector Isao Hirayoshi
Developer Jens Stougaard
Depositor William F Grant / Jens Stougaard
The amount of the
   resources provided /1 set
0.5 g
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General information detail
Origine Gifu, Japan
     of the inbred line
Stougaard et al., Crop Sci. (1996)
Genome size 442 Mb: Ito et al., J. Plant Res. (2000)
494 Mb: Kawasaki et al., J. Plant Res. (2000)
Chromosome number 2n=12
Chromosome structure Set standard structure
Flowerling time 2 months
Generation time 3~4 months
Polymorphism Set standard
Character Anthocyanin Accumulate in the stem and petiole
Seed coat Brown
Trichomes Many (especially around the sepal)
Flowering Set standard (hard to flower under fluorescent light)
Chloroplastic genome 150,519 bp
EST analysis Nodule, Bud
TAC library
BAC library Average insert size; approx. 100 kb
GC content approx. 40%
Transformation A.tumefaciens
in planta transformation
Tagging Ac transposon tagging
T-DNA tagging
Symbiont Mesorhizobium loti
Glomus, Gigaspora
Morphological Character information detail
2 weeks on Plate
Plantlet length (mm) 11.23
Plantlet length (mm) 11.23
Hypocotyl length (mm) 3.02
Root length (cm) 3.53
1 month on vermiculite
Plantlet Plant length (cm) 4.25
Leaf Leaflet length (mm) 6.77
Leaflet Width (mm) 4.53
Petiole length (mm) 3.09
Petiole thickness (mm) 0.56
Stem Stem thicness (mm) 0.72
Inter-nod length (mm) 6.04
2 months on vermiculite
Plantlet Plant length (cm) 13.02
Leaf Leaflet length (mm) 11.43
Leaflet Width (mm) 7.32
Petiole length (mm) 3.92
Petiole thickness (mm) 0.7
Stem Stem thicness (mm) 1.0
Inter-nod length (mm) 8.71
Flowerling time
Leaf Leaflet length (mm) 10.17
Leaflet Width (mm) 9.15
Petiole length (mm) 6.36
Petiole thickness (mm) 0.94
Stem Stem thicness (mm) 1.43
Inter-nod length (mm) 19.87
Pod and seed
Pod Pod length (mm) 30.26
Pod major axis (mm) 2.64
Pod minor axis (mm) 2.11
Seed No./ pod (seed) 15.4
Seed Seed major axis (mm) 1.2
Seed minor axis (mm) 0.97
Seed weight (g) 1.07
Seedling 1 (2 weeks)
Seedling 2 (2 weeks)
Root (2 weeks)
Plant 1 (3 weeks)
Plant 2 (3 weeks)
Plant 3 (1 month)
Plant 4 (Short photopiriod)
Plant 5 (Short photopiriod)
Leaf, Stem (Short photopiriod)
Plant6 (Flowering time)
Plant 7
Inmature pod
Mature pod
Farm data
Display of Farm data Gifu B-129
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