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  • ミヤコグサ Lotus japonicus
  • ミヤコグサ Lotus japonicus
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Resource Types

Lotus japonicus - Vector

 These vectors constructed polyubiquitin (Ljubq1) promoter from Lotus japonicus, and could provide alternative choice for studies in L. japonicus.

 The promoter analysis demonstrated that the Ljubq1 promoter possessed higher activity than the CaMV35S promoter in leaves, stems, roots, nodules, and pollen. The GATEWAY conversion technology compatible binary vectors for overexpression and RNAi under the Ljubq1 promoter.

 These resources developed by Dr. Makoto Hayashi. Moreover, the CAMBIA require recipients to conclude simple MTA for these vectors. Because of this vector derived from pCAMBIA 1300 vectors.
NBRP NationalBioResource Project
National BioResource Project(L.japonicus and G. max) Office
Faculty of Regional Innovation, University of Miyazaki
1-1 Gakuenkibanadai-nishi, Miyazaki 889-2192, JAPAN
E-mail : legume@brc.miyazaki-u.ac.jp