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  • ミヤコグサ Lotus japonicus
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Resource Types

Glycine max - GMFLcDNA clone ( 37890 clones )

As for the GMFLcDNA clone, we set a limit of 10 clones for each request.
This resource is Living Modified Organisms (LMO) and destined for contained use.
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Clone name 5' end sequence 3' end sequence Full length sequence Request
GMFL01-01-A01 BW650749 AK243693
GMFL01-01-A02 BW650764 BW650765 AK243694
GMFL01-01-A03 AK243695
GMFL01-01-A04 BW650804 BW650805 AK243696
GMFL01-01-A05 AK243697
GMFL01-01-A06 BW650854 AK243698
GMFL01-01-A07 AK243699
GMFL01-01-A08 BW650893 AK243700
GMFL01-01-A09 BW650918 AK243701
GMFL01-01-A10 BW650941 AK243702
GMFL01-01-A11 BW650966 AK243703
GMFL01-01-A12 AK243704
GMFL01-01-A13 BW651003 AK243705
GMFL01-01-A14 BW651024 AK243706
GMFL01-01-A15 BW651048 BW651049 AK243707
GMFL01-01-A16 BW651068 BW651069 AK243708
GMFL01-01-A17 BW651095 BW651096 AK243709
GMFL01-01-A18 AK243710
GMFL01-01-A19 BW651135 AK243711
GMFL01-01-A20 BW651153 BW651154 AK243712
GMFL01-01-A21 AK243713
GMFL01-01-A22 BW651202 AK243714
GMFL01-01-A23 BW651231 AK243715
GMFL01-01-A24 BW651252 BW651253 AK243716
GMFL01-01-B01 BW650750 AK243717
GMFL01-01-B02 AK243718
GMFL01-01-B03 BW650782 AK243719
GMFL01-01-B04 BW650806 AK243720
GMFL01-01-B05 BW650831 AK243721
GMFL01-01-B06 BW650855 AK243722
GMFL01-01-B07 BW650879 AK243723
GMFL01-01-B08 BW650894 BW650895 AK243724
GMFL01-01-B09 BW650919 BW650920 AK243725
GMFL01-01-B10 BW650942 BW650943 AK243726
GMFL01-01-B11 BW650967 AK243727
GMFL01-01-B12 BW650983 AK243728
GMFL01-01-B13 BW651004 AK243729
GMFL01-01-B14 BW651025 BW651026 AK243730
GMFL01-01-B15 BW651050 AK243731
GMFL01-01-B16 BW651070 BW651071 AK243732
GMFL01-01-B17 BW651097 AK243733
GMFL01-01-B18 AK243734
GMFL01-01-B19 BW651136
GMFL01-01-B20 BW651155 BW651156 AK243735
GMFL01-01-B21 BW651175 BW651176 AK243736
GMFL01-01-B22 BW651203 AK243737
GMFL01-01-B24 BW651254 BW651255 AK243738
GMFL01-01-C01 BW650751 BW650752 AK243739
GMFL01-01-C02 BW650766 AK243740
GMFL01-01-C03 BW650783 AK243741
GMFL01-01-C04 BW650807 BW650808 AK243742
GMFL01-01-C05 BW650832 AK243743
GMFL01-01-C06 BW650856 BW650857 AK243744
GMFL01-01-C07 AK243745
GMFL01-01-C08 BW650896 AK243746
GMFL01-01-C09 BW650921 AK243747
GMFL01-01-C11 BW650968 AK243748
GMFL01-01-C12 AK243749
GMFL01-01-C13 AK243750
GMFL01-01-C14 BW651027 AK243751
GMFL01-01-C15 BW651051 AK243752
GMFL01-01-C16 AK243753
GMFL01-01-C17 BW651098 AK243754
GMFL01-01-C18 BW651117 BW651118 AK243755
GMFL01-01-C19 BW651137 AK243756
GMFL01-01-C20 BW651157 AK243757
GMFL01-01-C21 BW651177 BW651178 AK243758
GMFL01-01-C22 BW651204 BW651205 AK243759
GMFL01-01-C23 BW651233 AK243760
GMFL01-01-C24 BW651256 BW651257 AK243761
GMFL01-01-D01 BW650753 AK243762
GMFL01-01-D02 BW650767 AK243763
GMFL01-01-D03 BW650784 BW650785 AK243764
GMFL01-01-D04 BW650809 AK243765
GMFL01-01-D06 BW650858 AK243766
GMFL01-01-D07 BW650880 AK243767
GMFL01-01-D08 BW650897 BW650898 AK243768
GMFL01-01-D09 BW650922 AK243769
GMFL01-01-D10 BW650946
GMFL01-01-D11 BW650969 BW650970 AK243770
GMFL01-01-D12 BW650984 AK243771
GMFL01-01-D13 BW651005 BW651006 AK243772
GMFL01-01-D14 BW651028 BW651029 AK243773
GMFL01-01-D15 BW651052 AK243774
GMFL01-01-D16 BW651072 BW651073 AK243775
GMFL01-01-D17 BW651099 AK243776
GMFL01-01-D18 BW651119 BW651120 AK243777
GMFL01-01-D19 AK243778
GMFL01-01-D20 BW651158 AK243779
GMFL01-01-D21 BW651179 BW651180 AK243780
GMFL01-01-D22 BW651206 BW651207 AK243781
GMFL01-01-D23 BW651234 AK243782
GMFL01-01-D24 BW651258 BW651259 AK243783
GMFL01-01-E01 AK243784
GMFL01-01-E02 BW650768 AK243785
GMFL01-01-E03 BW650786 BW650787 AK243786
GMFL01-01-E04 BW650810 BW650811 AK243787
GMFL01-01-E05 BW650835 AK243788
GMFL01-01-E06 BW650859 BW650860 AK243789
GMFL01-01-E07 AK243790
NBRP NationalBioResource Project
National BioResource Project(L.japonicus and G. max) Office
Faculty of Regional Innovation, University of Miyazaki
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