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Last Update:
 July 22, 2022
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Mutants : Symbiotic mutant -All list-
Name Character Developper Depositor Distribution
Wild type (Enrei)
En6500 super nodulating S. Akao and H. Kouchi NIAS*
En1314 non nodulating S. Akao and H. Kouchi NIAS*
En1282 non nodulating S. Akao and H. Kouchi NIAS*

*:National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences

Please citate the following manuscript, when you publishing the research results obtained by use of this resources.
S. Akao, H, Kouchi (1992) A supernodulating mutant isolated from soybean cultivar Enrei. Soil Sci Plant Nutr 38: 183-187.
P. B. Francisco, and S. Akao (1993) Autoregulation and Nitrate Inhibition of Nodule Formation in Soybean cv. Enrei and its Nodulation Mutants. J Exp Bot 44 (3): 547-553.

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