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 Legume Base

Last Update:
 July 22, 2022
version 3.2.4
RI(MxS) lines : Phenotype -Method-
Trait Measurement method or criteria
Flowering date  (days) number of days from sowing to flowering
Plant height  (cm) evaluated 70 days after sowing
Maximum internode length  (cm) evaluated 70 days after sowing
Internode number evaluated 70 days after sowing
Twinning habit frequency that a main stem winded autonoumously around a support / evaluated 70 days after sowing
Pod dehiscence  (%) Rate of dehiscent pods of the 20 pods that were put under 10% relative humidity (20 ℃) for 24 hours.
Seed size (100 seeds)  (g) 100 seeds
Seed hardness  (%) Impermeability of seed to water
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