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Last Update:
 July 22, 2022
version 3.2.4
Wild accessions : Research Set -Locality-
You can order one of four types of research sets
(a set of 64 strains, 32 strains, 16 strains, 8 strains)

Locality of 64 strains ( show all strains )
B01042 B01160 B01167 B02067 B02108 B02114 B02122 B02137 B02154 B02166 B02169 B02178 B02185 B02196 B02258 B02271 B03011 B03017 B03026 B03036 B03044 B03061 B04054 B04060 B04065 B04104 B04113 B04114 B04133 B04155 B04160 B04167 B05033 B05043 B05048 B06034 B06043 B06046 B06052 B06067 B06086 B06098 B07017 B07126 B07152 B07160 B08034 B08038 B08041 B08048 B08050 B08057 B08062 B08064 B08065 B09065 B09067 B09072 B09089 B09092 B09093 B09095 B09104 B09111

Locality of 32 strains ( show 32 strains )
B01167 B02108 B02114 B02169 B02178 B02196 B02271 B03017 B03036 B03044 B03061 B04060 B04104 B04113 B04133 B04155 B05033 B05048 B06034 B06043 B06052 B07017 B07152 B08034 B08050 B08057 B08065 B09067 B09072 B09092 B09095 B09111

Locality of 16 strains ( show 16 strains )
B01167 B02108 B02178 B02271 B03017 B03036 B04060 B04155 B05033 B06043 B06052 B07152 B08050 B08065 B09067 B09092

Locality of 8 strains ( show 8 strains )
B01167 B02108 B03036 B04113 B05033 B07152 B08050 B09067
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